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Door Peephole Viewer Camera KP-E50
Door Peephole Viewer Camera

E50 uses the high sensitive imaging device and pure brass material, which brings noble and durable quality and superior imaging capabilities. Extremely low illumination, broad view angle,ultra long working life and easy installation. It’s a good helper for home monitoring and burglar.

Main Features 
1. Pure brass material, noble and durable;
2. Same size with original optical peephole. Keep original appearance after installation;
3. 0.008lux extremely low illumination, which makes it can clearly see the visitor even under dim light;
4. 90 degree broad view angle;
5. 13.8mm super small diameter, which is suitable to all doors with peephole. No need to drill hole, just install directly;
6. Low power consumption to assure the long time working life;
7. Directly connect BNC cable to TV/monitor/DVR, it’s very quick & easy.

1. Use one coin or other tool to uninstall the original optical viewer;
2. Unscrew copper sleeve off and pass lens cable through peephole from outside to inside of door. Set lens cable into sleeve; screw sleeve into peephole inside of door. (Pay attention to horizontal direction of lens);
3. Connect lens cable with BNC cable and fix it well. Then connect BNC cable with TV/monitor/DVR to start monitoring.


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